Jul 26

MailBot has been updated to version 13.17.

Implemented the creation of aliases for Mail.ru accounts.

Important! The creation of aliases is supported only for accounts with verified phone number.

Aliases can be created both by the creator (after a successful account creation) and by the checker (for already existing accounts).
To create one alias, you need to solve one regular Mail.ru CAPTCHA image.
So far, aliases are created only on the same domain as the main account.
Created aliases are saved in a separate file with a name like “Mail.ru 2021.05.26 – 12.09.53 aliases.txt” in the “Accounts” folder.

Important! Updated the list of working domains and the API domain for the Interimail API. Unfortunately, access to the domains tavel.ga, tavel.cf, interimail.ga, interimail.cf, interimmail.ga, and interimmail.cf has been lost. Similar domains have been added instead.

Also implemented in MailBot 13.17:

  • background update of balances of all CAPTCHA service accounts when opening the “CAPTCHA” tab:

    Account balances on CAPTCHA services are now loaded automatically in background

  • handling “not enough rating” error in 5SIM.net API (it was displayed in log as EAccessViolation error when trying to get a phone number)
  • added code for Meta.ua to SMS-Activate API
  • new service Activation.pw has been added to the list of available APIs for SMS verification
  • getting the number of available phone numbers and prices in SMS-REG API for OnlineSIM.ru service
  • getting prices for available phone numbers in SMS.SKI API
  • 30-second TOTP code validity counter


  • reCAPTCHA Enterprise solution in Yahoo and AOL.com creators
  • detection of incorrect username format in Yahoo and AOL.com creators
  • detection of signup limit in the Runbox creator
  • unlocking accounts by changing the password in Mail.com and GMX.com unlockers
  • creating aliases in Mail.com and GMX.com checkers
  • EAccessViolation error after solving CAPTCHA in Mail.ru unlocker
  • Mail.ru creator now correctly responds to Mail.ru errors when a phone number is blacklisted or virtual
  • persistent error with incorrect CAPTCHA code in Yandex creator when receiving Cyrillic CAPTCHA
  • filling in the user profile when creating Yandex accounts
  • error when generating usernames for aliases while the checker is running
  • counting the number of successfully created aliases and their total number when outputting messages to the log
  • double call to cancel SMS activation when forced threads stop
  • in SMS-Activate API, the “USA” country now means regular USA phone numbers, not virtual ones
  • added service code for AOL.com to SMS-REG API
  • China has been added to the list of available countries for SMS-REG.com SMS service
  • error handling and parsing of available phone numbers in SMSI.VIP API
  • failure to save OTP secret key along with the account data when activating 2FA with a checker
  • renamed RAISIM API to OTPSIM as the only working service with this API now is OTPSIM.com
  • detection of signup limit error from IP address when checking the phone number in Meta.ua creator

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