Apr 15

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.23.

Good news: on April 6, 2019, Rambler turned off the mandatory phone verification and returned the signup form with reCAPTCHA and an answer to the secret question.

Yandex checker is now able to handle the phone number request when entering the account:

Phone number request during logging into Yandex account

This will work when the setting “Unlock accounts” on the “Checker” tab is on and only for accounts saved along with the phone number to which they were registered, for example:


Mail.ru unlocker is now able to handle new form with CAPTCHA request when entering the account:

CAPTCHA request during logging into Mail.ru account

If the setting “Unlock accounts” on the “Checker” tab is turned off, Mail.ru checker will detect such accounts as locked.

Important! Starting from version 10.18, ruCaptcha / 2Captcha API and Anti Captcha API v1 are separated in MailBot, since they are already very different in implementation. Before MailBot 10.18 ruCaptcha / 2Captcha API was used for both variants. I remind once again that Anti Captcha API v1 does not support reCAPTCHA, so those who used it in conjunction with domains 2captcha.com or rucaptcha.com need to switch to the ruCaptcha / 2Captcha API, otherwise you will get EAbstractError errors.

Also implemented in MailBot 10.23:

  • support for reporting about correct CAPTCHA codes (action=reportgood) in ruCaptcha / 2CaptchaBypassCaptcha and rcaptcha APIs
  • number of unlocked accounts has been added to the message with the checker’s results

Phone number country lists updated:


  • phone verified accounts creation and signin after account creation in regular Mail.ru creator
  • Onet.pl creator, accounts creation is now possible only from Polish IP addresses
  • hangs when receiving a phone number in SMS-REG and SMS-ONLINE APIs
  • updated browser fingerprint generation in Yahoo and AOL creators
  • EFormURLNotFound error in Mail.com, GMX.com creators and during signup form receipt in Yahoo creator
  • ETokenNotFound error and detection of accounts locked by reCAPTCHA during account signin in Yahoo checker
  • valid accounts detection in Mail.com and GMX.com checkers
  • O2.pl, GMX.de and Web.de checkers
  • ERangeError error in Onet.pl and Seznam.cz creators
  • maximum number of POP3 / IMAP / SMTP activation attempts increased from 10 to 100
  • removed support for phone verification providers SMSLIKE.ru and smmmonster.com due to their closure

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