Dec 21

MailBot account creator updated to version 12.42.

According to numerous requests from customers, support for domains (not just IP addresses) in proxy addresses is implemented when loading proxy lists in MailBot. Now you can work with lists in the following format without preparation:


Important! So far, domains are only supported when “Quick list load (only for plain text lists)” setting is checked on the “Proxy” tab.

Proxy FAQ has been updated accordingly.

According to even more numerous requests from customers, support for national domains @outlook.* has been implemented in Outlook creator:

List of national domains available for Outlook creator

Important! Previously, Outlook allowed signups in national zones @live.* and @hotmail.*, it is currently impossible to create an account in these zones.

30 new domains added to the domains list for on the “Provider” tab:

Signing up on any of these domains is available from any country.

Also implemented in MailBot 12.42:

  • support for the Vietnamese SMS service added to RAISIM API
  • a list with the ability to select a GeoIP provider: MaxMind GeoLite or Sypex Geo has been added to the “Settings” tab:

    List of supported GeoIP providers in MailBot

    Attention! New file GeoIP\GeoLite2-Country.mmdb has been added to MailBot distribution


  • EFormURLNotFound error in Outlook creator
  • now, when the overall timeout for waiting for the CAPTCHA solution has expired, correct ECaptchaTimeoutError error is generated instead of the empty CAPTCHA code (CAPTCHA had been solved, code: "..."), and the overall timeout for waiting for the CAPTCHA solution is also counted more accurately
  • list of available countries in SMS-Activate API for service
  • Yahoo / error "That doesn’t look right, please re-enter your phone number." is now detected by creators of these email providers as an error of an already used phone number (ESMSUsedNumberError) instead of an error of unsuccessful SMS sending (ESMSSentError)
  • cancellation of SMS activation when threads are stopped is no longer called if the activation was during account unlocking and was successful
  • erroneous attempt to cancel SMS activation in case of registration limit error, when the phone number has not yet been received
  • ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_ID error in Anti Captcha API v2 now raises CAPTCHA timeout error (ECaptchaTimeoutError)
  • checker no longer generates an error about unsuccessful antispam disabling, if such a rule has already been set in the account earlier
  • returned the erroneously disabled ability to unlock Outlook accounts, the unlocking form of which has an URL like
  • maximum overall timeout for waiting for a CAPTCHA solution has been reduced from 600 to 300 seconds

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