Nov 05

MailBot has been updated to version 14.45.

Fixed accounts creator, implemented handling of “You are signed in”, “Verify your phone number” and “Add birthday and gender” forms, as well as forced setting of the secret question answer when creating accounts.

Also creator and checker now support aliases creation. Aliases can only be created on the same domain as the main account. The maximum number of aliases to create on is 5.

Attention! hCaptcha solution is no longer required to create an account, since the email provider now for some reason (most likely due to negligence) uses the hCaptcha test key, the solution for which is always the same:

Test hCaptcha when creating an account

Thus, as of 05.11.2022, three CAPTCHAs must be solved to create an account:

  1. reCAPTCHA v3
  2. simple image CAPTCHA:

    Image CAPTCHA when creating an account

  3. one more reCAPTCHA v3

Attention! requires a sufficiently high Read more »

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Oct 31 logo

👋 – SMS activations service with physical SIM cards in Vietnam, the cheapest globally priced from only $0.03:

  • implemented API for using in mass account registration tools
  • good quality for all services (Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Line, KakaoTalk, WeChat, …)
  • huge amount of about 300,000 new SIM cards every month
  • accept payments in cryptocurrencies and electronic payment systems (USDT, Payeer, Perfect Money, …)
  • there is a support for new users to test for free

🤝 Cheapest price, large quantity, free test for new users at website to experience with us!

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Oct 14

MailBot has been updated to version 14.35.

IP2Location logo

Implemented support for the database of GeoIP provider IP2Location.

Attention! New file \GeoIP\IP2LOCATION-LITE-DB1.BIN has been added to MailBot distribution.

In the “GeoIP provider” list on the “Settings” tab, this provider is listed first as the most accurate.

Also implemented in MailBot 14.35:

  • API support for proxy provider
  • the following domains have been added to the list of domains available for Yandex account creation:
    and the list in the article about Aliases for Yandex mailboxes has been updated accordingly
  • Yandex creator now creates accounts via the registration form exactly on the domain selected by the user
  • creation of aliases for accounts, the following domains are available:


  • EOutOfMemory error that occurred after some time of the creator’s work, due to which Read more »

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Sep 27

MailBot has been updated to version 14.30.

Implemented support for the API of Chinese SMS service

An example of account settings in MailBot

It provides phone numbers from 22 countries and supports Outlook (Hotmail), Yahoo, AOL, and Yandex services. operates in the Chinese market, so account balance and prices are in Chinese yuan.

Prices are average, for example, Vietnamese numbers for Outlook cost $0.05, and US numbers for Yahoo – $0.07. Price can be reduced by using the so-called “docking”, here is a comment from the service administrator:

Docking is when the SIM card provider sets its own price and gives the buyer a connection code. So it turns out supplier price + SMS processing fee 0.03 yuan. Nothing changes in API for this, the docking code is activated in the account. It’s like SMSHUB has different prices. Only here the seller can make these prices non-public.

An example of a public Read more »

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Sep 15

MailBot has been updated to version 14.26.

Important! For successful creation of accounts, it is necessary to use dictionaries of exactly Polish names and surnames. Such dictionaries are supplied with MailBot, they can be found in the “Dic” folder, filenames start with “PL_…”.

Important! allow account creation only from European IP addresses. and now activate paid account features for free for 7 days after account creation. For example, this makes it possible to enable forwarding:

Enabled forwarding setting in account

You can enable forwarding activation on created/checked accounts in the “Enable forwarding” panel on the “Accounts” tab in MailBot. creators and checkers now handle notification about Read more »

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