Apr 15

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.23.

Good news: on April 6, 2019, Rambler turned off the mandatory phone verification and returned the signup form with reCAPTCHA and an answer to the secret question.

Yandex checker is now able to handle the phone number request when entering the account:

Phone number request during logging into Yandex account

This will work when the setting “Unlock accounts” on the “Checker” tab is on and only for accounts saved along with the phone number to which they were registered, for example: Read more »

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Feb 28

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.6.

Outlook account unlocker using phone verification was implemented according to numerous requests. To use it, you must check the box “Unlock accounts” on the “Checker” tab. Any phone number can be used to unlock an Outlook account requesting an phone verification upon login.

A new checkbox “Detect mobile network operator for Russian phone numbers” has appeared on the “API” subtab of the “SMS” tab. When it is checked, the name of the mobile operator will be displayed in parentheses after the phone number:

8:58:59 PM: Thread #1: sms-activate.ru: Phone number +79645605392 (Билайн) received

This name will also be saved along with the phone number to a file with ready accounts, if the “Phone number” checkbox on the “Export” tab is checked:

madorneyv6k@yandex.ru:Thyatqmc6:+79257644519 (МегаФон)

This functionality is implemented for diagnostics, when it is necessary to find out numbers of which operators are better suited for accounts creation on a particular email provider.

From February 20, 2019 Rambler allows Read more »

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Oct 30

MailBot account creator updated to version 9.57.


  • unlocker of Meta.ua accounts which require solving reCAPTCHA v2 on sign in:

    reCAPTCHA v2 request when logging into Meta.ua account

  • Mail.ru checker is now able to process alternate email request form when logging into account:

    Alternate email request when logging into Mail.ru account


  • getting CAPTCHA in Outlook creator
  • account creation  Read more »

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Oct 09

Onet.pl logo

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.61.

Account creator of Polish email provider Onet.pl was implemented!

Active POP3, IMAP and SMTP on onet.pl domain is at your service. You need to recognize one reCaptcha v2 to create an account on Onet.pl.

The functionality of the checker is seriously extended, now it is able to activate POP3 on already existing valid Outlook and Yandex accounts. Outlook checker also learned to enable forwarding on valid Outlook accounts. To do this, before starting the checker, you need to check “Enable forwarding” checkbox on the “Accounts” tab and enter the mailbox to which all incoming mail from all accounts will be forwarded in the “Email to forward” field:

Forwarding settings in MailBot

Important! Enabling forwarding on an Outlook account requires Read more »

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Sep 16

MailBot обновился до версии 6.31.

anti-captcha logo

Реализована поддержка Anti Captcha API v2!

API v2 используется автоматически для домена api.anti-captcha.com, для всех остальных доменов используется API v1. API v2 поддерживает все функции API v1, за исключением получения статистики капча-сервиса (панель “Статистика сервиса” на вкладке “Капча”). API v2 реализовано, в основном, для распознавания reCaptcha v2 без эмуляции браузера, аналогично сервису от ruCaptcha, однако на сегодняшний день этот функционал в Anti Captcha API v2 фактически неработоспособен по следующим причинам:

  • в отличие от ruCaptcha работа без прокси не поддерживается, в Anti Captcha API v2 передавать рабочий прокси обязательно
  • SOCKS 4/5 прокси не поддерживаются
  • прокси с привязкой по IP не поддерживаются
  • локальные прокси не поддерживаются

Итого получить распознавание reCaptcha v2 без эмуляции браузера от Anti Captcha v2 сегодня можно только если вы работаете через нелокальные HTTP-прокси без привязки по IP.

Анлокер Рамблера получил несколько важных обновлений: Read more »

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