Oct 19

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.70.

New setting “Allow duplicates” appeared on “Proxy” tab:

New setting Allow duplicates on Proxy tab in MailBot

This setting allows you to use proxy providers that give you only one backconnect server address (IP:port) and force to use it in multiple threads. For example Storm Proxies does so:

Stormproxies control panel

In this particular case, to use 3 minutes gateway in 10 threads, you need to enable setting “Allow duplicates” in MailBot and to connect a file with this list as a proxy source:

Then, 10 threads of MailBot will use simultaneously backconnect gate as a proxy.

Also implemented in version 7.70:

  • API of captcha-ok.com OCR CAPTCHA-service, to use it you need to choose/enter domain api.captcha-ok.com in the “Domain” field and to enter your captcha-ok login and password in login:password format in the “API key” field on the “CAPTCHA” tab in MailBot
  • checker of Onet.pl accounts for validity
  • “SMTP/POP3/IMAP activation started…” message output to log window before email protocols activation in the account


  • Yahoo and I.ua checkers
  • setting and alternative email address in the account for those providers where an alternative email is not required
  • detection of successful signup in Onet.pl creator
  • parsing of unknown signup error in Onet.pl and regular Mail.ru creators
  • parsing of balance in Anti Captcha API v2
  • Bigmir.net creator now raises registration limit error, if country of IP address is not Ukraine
  • detection of ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE in Anti Captcha API v2 for RIPCaptcha.com

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