Apr 28

MailBot has been updated to version 12.90.

Meta.ua introduced the mandatory entry of a Ukrainian phone number with mandatory SMS verification when creating an account.

Meta.ua creator in MailBot has been updated taking into account innovations, signup process has been tested on Ukrainian SMS-Activate phone numbers (“Any other” service was used).

Also, Meta.ua checker has been fixed and now it can activate POP3 / SMTP on existing accounts.

Also implemented in MailBot 12.90:

  • support for the new @internet.ru domain has been added to the Mail.ru module
  • saving to a settings file and loading from it a list of selected domains for all email providers when “Random domain” setting is checked
  • Yahoo / AOL.com checkers have learned to solve reCAPTCHA during the sign in process
  • Yandex unlocker now independently parses the secret question from the server responses
  • cancellation of the current SMS activation when receiving the error ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE
  • output to the log of a message about the correctness or incorrectness of the answer to the secret question
  • for VAK-SMS API on the “Numbers” sub-tab, prices for one SMS for the selected country are now also displayed
  • in connection with the blocking of the simsms.org domain by Roskomnadzor, the simsms1.org mirror has been added to the list of domains for the SIMSMS / SMSPVA API


  • permanent error “CAPTCHA code is wrong” in regular Yandex creator
  • I.ua creator
  • LSA password generation, recovery email addition and “Don’t get locked out!” form handling in Yahoo / AOL.com creators and checkers
  • “Could not send SMS to phone number” error in Yahoo / AOL.com creators
  • permanent ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLE error in AOL.com creator
  • EFormURLNotFound error in Yahoo checker, which occurred from IP addresses of non-English speaking countries
  • selection of the country of the phone number for 5SIM.net API
  • activation of additional services of the account after its successful creation in Outlook creator
  • activation of additional services in Onet.pl module
  • parsing code from SMS in RAISIM API for SMS service OTPSIM.com
  • detection of the external IP address when working via proxy
  • Ukraine is replaced by Germany in the list of countries for VAK-SMS.com service

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