Feb 08

MailBot account creator updated to version 8.26.

“Checker” tab now has the new field to specify the path to the list of unchecked accounts:

New setting to specify the path to unchecked accounts list

The checker will save accounts that it could not check (unknown account type, unknown HTTP(S)-proxy error, etc.) in this list. Do not hesitate to send such accounts to the developer and the cheker will be trained to recognize them correctly. Controls on the “Checker” tab are now located in the same way as on the “Creator” tab.

Message with the result of checker work became more informative, it now displays Read more »

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Jan 25

AOL logo

MailBot account creator updated to version 8.17.

Account creator and checker of AOL.com, one of the most popular email provider, was implemented!

Active POP3, IMAP and SMTP on aol.com domain is at your service. You need to receive one SMS (prices are from $0.02 on 5sim.net) and recognize one simple AOL CAPTCHA (well recognized by CapMonster 2) to create an account on AOL.com.

Important! AOL is very picky about phone numbers and does not allow all countries to signup and even not all phone numbers from the allowed country. Below is the current statistics on successful/unsuccessful signups from countries now available on SMS-verification services (updated January 31, 2018):

Allowed countries:  USA, China, United Kingdom, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
Prohibited countries: Russian Federation, Indonesia, Philippines.
Unable to test due to lack of numbers: Spain, Denmark.

AOL asks an answer to a security question every time you enter into the “Account Info” section by the Web, therefore it is recommended to check ”Secret question answer” checkbox from the “Save additional data” panel on the “Export” tab.

As always, the update is completely free for Read more »

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May 26

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.17.

Attention! To update MailBot to version 7.17 you need to update all files from MailBot_7.17.zip archive! To move your settings from an old MailBot version you need to copy settings.ini file to the new MailBot folder.

Attention! If you are get an error EConvertError after creator start – delete DB folder, the format of banned proxies database was updated in version 7.17.


  • “Threads options” panel on “Creator” tab was renamed to “Creator properties”, “Accounts per proxy” option (from “Proxy” tab), “How many accounts to create?” option (from “Accounts” panel) and “Proxy ban timeout (hours:minutes)” option (from “Proxy” tab) was moved on it:

    New Creator tab interface

  • “Randomize list” option, that allows you  Read more »

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Jun 18

Почтовый регистратор обновился до версии 4.94:

  • исправлено определение созданного аккаунта в обычном регере Яндекса
  • на вкладку “Статистика” добавлен вывод количества распознанных капч:

Новое поле статистики с количеством распознанных капч

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Jul 17

Почтовый регистратор обновился до версии 3.58:

  • исправлен регер hotmail
  • восстановлена активация POP3 на yahoo
  • реализована возможность регистрации аккаунтов yahoo с кириллическими именами/фамилиями
  • изменилась вкладка “Капча”: панель с ограничениями на код капчи заменена панелью со статистикой Antigate. Отображается текущий процент загрузки работников, минимальная ставка, необходимая для прохождения капчи, и среднее время распознавания капчи:

Статистика загрузки Antigate

CaptchaBot такие данные не предоставляет и для него на панели отображается “Не поддерживается”.

Статистика обновляется каждый раз при переходе на вкладку “Капча” и при переключении капча-сервисов.

Также обновлена сравнительная таблица капча-сервисов, поддерживаемых авторегером.

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