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“How to choose the optimal number of threads?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about setting up MailBot after purchase. The optimal number of threads is the number of threads that loads the network channel by 100%, but at the same time all threads get their share of the channel. Thus, the maximum speed will be achieved. To monitor channel load, you can use the free NetWorx program:

NetWorx - network channel load graph

The screenshot shows that 100 Mbps channel is fully loaded.
Windows also has a built-in network channel monitoring tool:

Windows embedded channel load monitoring tool

It is located in the “Performance” snap-in (perfmon.msc), “Network interface” object, “Bytes Received/sec” and “Bytes Sent/sec” counters, but it is not easy to configure it to a clear scale.

So, having launched the selected monitoring tool, we set the initial number of threads, for example, 100. If network channel is not fully loaded, add 10-100 threads each until the channel is fully loaded. If there are too many threads, they will overload the channel and many network errors will appear in the program log. In this case, try reducing the number of threads by 10-100 pieces until the load starts to decrease. Thus, you will determine the optimal number of threads for your environment: OS, internet channel, proxies and current service load for CAPTCHA solver and/or phone verification provider.

Added a link to this post in system FAQ.

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