Sep 05

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.78.

Update from October 25, 2021: SMS.SKI service was closed by its owner in the first half of 2021.

Update from October 27, 2021: service changed its domain to

Implemented API of SMS.SKI phone verification service:

API SMS.SKI in the list of SMS services API

Also implemented in MailBot 10.78:

  • full support for the service in the SMS-Activate API, including the entire list of countries supported by them
  • command line option /addcontact now works in checker too
  • Outlook checker now can handle “We’re updating our terms” form:

    New Outlook form We're updating our terms

  • new “User agent” checkbox was added to the “Export” tab, which allows you to save the user agent used during signup along with account information
  • unlocker now also sends “complete SMS activation” reports
  • support for alternative signup form in AOL creator
  • the countries in “Phone numbers country” list on the “SMS” tab are sorted alphabetically, now it is easier to search for the desired country
  • disabled the ability to use the built-in temporary email service in connection with the ban of most domains of this service on,, and
  • traffic consumption by the regular creator has been halved
  • checker now can upload avatars in already created accounts
  • force traffic compression for GET requests if the server returns compressed content, regardless of the HTTP headers received from the client

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for Sweden, Afghanistan and Uganda were added
  • for Mongolia was added
  • for / Vietnam, Germany (Virtual), Spain (Virtual), Malaysia (Virtual) and Mexico (Virtual) were added


  • EFormURLNotFound error in Outlook creator and checker
  • adding an alternative email to the account by Yahoo / AOL creators and checkers
  • EAbstractError error while uploading avatar by Yahoo checker
  • unlocker now tries to unlock the account again under any exceptions
  • locked accounts detection in checker
  • avatar uploading in the Outlook creator
  • detection of unsupported phone number in Yahoo / AOL creators
  • handling of IDENTIFIER_NOT_AVAILABLE error when validating username in Yahoo / AOL creators
  • handling of “No available phone numbers” error when requesting a number in SMSPVA / SIMSMS API
  • real IP address parsing in Outlook creator
  • operation of service in the SMS-Activate API, now you need to use a domain for correct work of API
  • country name output in the text of “No available phone numbers” error when the setting “Random [country]” is enabled on the “SMS” tab
  • ERangeError error that occured while generating fingerprint for some user agents in the regular creator
  • EFormURLNotFound error that occured while trying to activate My World for some user agents in the regular creator

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