Jan 17

MailBot account creator updated to version 9.93. Aliases creation support was implemented for Mail.com and GMX.com accounts.

Alias for email is a virtual mailbox, all messages to which come to the main (primary) mailbox. Aliases are used to hide your primary email address when you create account on doubtful sites.

New aliases creation settings can be found on the “Accounts” tab:

Aliases creation settings

You can create either the same number of aliases for each account, or a random number to reduce the similarity of the created accounts. The maximum number of aliases in Mail.com and GMX.com accounts is 9:

List of aliases in GMX.com account

All aliases created for accounts are automatically saved to a separate file with the name like “GMX.com 2019.01.10 – 17.49.13 aliases.txt” in “Accounts” folder in the following format:


So far aliases are created only on the same domain as the primary mailbox.

Aliases can also be used as username when logging in Mail.com and GMX.com accounts.

Also implemented in MailBot 9.93:

  • you can now set up a list of emails for forwarding (instead of one, as before) on the “Accounts” tab, mailboxes from the list are taken in turn and in a circle
  • “Forwarding email” checkbox has been added to the “Export” tab, which allows you to save forwarding email address of the account along with the account data
  • signup using alternative email in O2.pl and WP.pl creators (if alternative emails are disabled in MailBot settings, signup is performed using the secret question answer)
  • new command line option /noautosettings, if specified, MailBot will not automatically set email provider settings when switching between them
  • receiving repeated SMS in SMS-REG API for SMS-REG.com
  • “Update” button has been added to the “Your external IPv4 address” field on the “Network” panel on the “Options” tab
  • Chad, Germany and Croatia were added to the country list of phone numbers for SMS-Activate.ru


  • Meta.ua creator
  • “urn:problem:mam.1registration:malformed-request-data” error in Mail.com, GMX.com and GMX.de creators
  • locked accounts detection in GMX.de checker
  • locked GMX.com accounts that could not be unlocked were not saved, with enabled setting “Unlock accounts”

A new section with MailBot reviews on ZennoLab forum has been added to the site.

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