Oct 26

In connection with the rush demand for ReCaptcha2 SiteKey Addon for CapMonster 2 it is necessary to clarify the situation regarding the interaction of this addon with MailBot:

  1. Addon works fine with CapMonster, in version it is inoperative, update your CapMonster to the latest version
  2. The actual discussion of the addon is here
  3. Important! If you experience connection breaks when MailBot tries to get reCAPTCHA v2 solution from CapMonster — setup “Socket read timeout” to 100000 ms in MailBot (“Network” panel, “Options” tab) and waiting of result timeout – to 360 seconds (“API timeouts” panel, “Captcha” tab)
  4. Addon creates a separate browser instance for every running thread on the computer where CapMonster works. Therefore each thread requires ~100 MB RAM and up to 7% (at the peak) of processor power:

    Resources consumption of CapMonster threads while running SiteKey Addon

  5. QIP.ru creator does not work with SiteKey addon, since QIP.ru for creating an account requires to solve two CAPTCHAs at once, one of which is reCAPTCHA v2. MailBot requests solutions for both CAPTCHAs simultaneously using standard Anti Captcha API in order to save registration time, however CapMonster does not yet support this API method.
  6. XEvil also finishes similar functionality, it will be released in XEvil 4.0:

CapMonster 2 FAQ section is updated in accordance with the above information.

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