Dec 15

MailBot has been updated to version 13.65.

On the recommendation of 2Captcha support, MailBot implemented the 2Captcha WebSocket API to combat the low lifespan of Arkose Labs (FunCAPTCHA) tokens.

It can be selected in the “CAPTCHA service API” list in the window for adding a new account on the CAPTCHA solving service:

2Captcha WebSocket API in CAPTCHA services API list

This API supports all types of CAPTCHAs that MailBot needs to solve.

The peculiarity of the WebSocket API is that you do not need to constantly poll the API in anticipation of the result of the CAPTCHA solution, the server itself sends a notification about this. Therefore, in the settings of the CAPTCHA service account in the “API timeouts” panel, the first two timeouts will be disabled, for the WebSocket API they do not make sense, you can only configure the total waiting time for the result of the CAPTCHA solution.

Important! So far, you can work with the 2Captcha WebSocket API in a maximum of 2 threads. In the future, this restriction will be lifted.

CAPTCHA statistics have been radically redesigned, now statistics of all submissions, solutions and errors are maintained separately for each type of CAPTCHA.

On the “Statistics” tab, instead of a simple “CAPTCHA” panel, there is now a panel with “Image CAPTCHA”, “reCAPTCHA”, “FunCAPTCHA” and “hCaptcha” tabs:

New CAPTCHA statistics in MailBot

On each tab, you can separately specify the cost of 1000 solved CAPTCHAs of this type.

When you select a CAPTCHA service account in the list on the “CAPTCHA” tab, the cost for all types of CAPTCHAs on the “Statistics” tab is now automatically added. If /noautosettings command line option is passed, prices will not be automatically added.

The statistics field “Wrong code (% of sent)” is divided into two different fields: “Wrong code” and “% of wrong codes”.

Added a new statistics field “Average solution time” in seconds for all CAPTCHA types. Now you can compare your results with the statistics published by CAPTCHA solving services.

Also implemented in MailBot 13.65:

  • fixed quite common error “ESignupError: Unknown signup error with code 0” after successfull Outlook account creation
  • added “Pass the proxy for hCaptcha” setting to CAPTCHA service account settings
  • added proxy passing support for reCAPTCHA, FunCAPTCHA and hCaptcha to BestCaptchaSolver API
  • log message about successfully solved CAPTCHA now also displays the specific type of the current CAPTCHA and the number of seconds in which it was solved
  • on ECAPTCHAWrongCode error, the result of current CAPTCHA solution is now also displayed in the log


  • detection of an incorrectly solved hCAPTCHA and sending a report on a correctly solved hCAPTCHA is implemented in Runbox creator

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