Sep 04

MailBot account creator updated to version 11.95.

According to numerous requests from customers, a new checkbox “Cookies” appeared on the “Export” tab in the “Save additional data” panel.

If it is checked, MailBot will create a folder with the name “lcookies” in the “Accounts” folder, create files with names like “” in it, and in these files it will save the basic cookie params set by the server when creating current mail account.

Cookies export format is compatible with MailerKing.

“SMS” tab now displays the rating/karma of your phone provider account.

For karma is displayed.
For – amount of frozen funds.
For – account points.

Displaying account karma on

Also implemented in MailBot 11.95:

  • processing form “Stay signed in?” in Outlook creator (after successful signup) and checker:

    New Outlook form Stay signed in?

  • IMAP activation in regular Yandex creator and checker
  • unlocker of accounts locked by password change
  • counter of phone number verification requests has been added to the “Statistics” tab
  • has been added to the list of SMS services APIs
  • project moved to Tor

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for SMS-Activate Oman, Panama, Mauritania, Burundi, Georgia, Lesotho, Namibia, Tajikistan, Zambia and Brasil were added, Mongolia was deleted
  • for Nicaragua was added


  • EFormURLNotFound error in Outlook creator and checker
  • LSA password activation in Yahoo / creators and checkers
  • “Unable to check account …” error in Yahoo / checkers that occurred for all accounts
  • detection of prohibited domains of alternative (recovery) email when adding it to Yahoo / account
  • detection by Yahoo / checkers of accounts deactivated for inactivity
  • creator, now you need to solve one reCAPTCHA v3 and one reCAPTCHA v2 to create an account
  • “Invalid extra_details format” error in creator
  • processing the limit of account checks from one IP address in checker
  • processing “Reached limit for sms per ip in registration” error in Yandex creator
  • ETokenNotFound error when creating an account and when uploading an avatar in Yandex creator and checker
  • false positive unlocking of accounts locked until phone number verification by Yandex unlocker
  • POP3 / IMAP / SMTP activation in and checkers
  • unlocking and accounts by changing password (added reCAPTCHA v3 solving)
  • detection of locked accounts as valid ones
  • processing “Verify login” form in checker
  • duplication of valid accounts by a checker when the “Generate unique result filenames for each session” setting is not checked on the “Export” tab and the list of already created accounts is not empty
  • deleting non-empty files with a list of partially created accounts after stopping creator threads
  • not resetting “Phone verification required” error counter
  • EOutOfAccounts error when starting creator with a static username and enabled generation of alternative emails
  • EConvertError error when viewing the count of available phone numbers in the SMSPVA / SIMSMS API

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