Aug 26

MailBot has been updated to version 14.20.

Added the API of the new CAPTCHA service Underdog CAPTCHA. It can only solve Arkose Labs CAPTCHA (FunCAPTCHA) for Outlook, but it does it effectively.
The price for 1000 solutions is $1.8, with a volume of 100,000 solutions per day – $1.44. Solution speed ≈ 1 second.
The service have no web panel yet, all operations are via Telegram bot @underdog_cap_bot. A Telegram channel with live updates is also available: @unddg. Support Telegram: @underdog_captcha

“Country of account” list has been added to the “Profile” tab, in which you can manually specify the specific country of the created accounts, if the selected email provider allows it:

New setting for selecting the country of the account in MailBot

“Detect from IP address” setting is also available, when checked, the country of the account will be set in accordance with the country of the IP address used for account registration.

“Valid accounts per IP address” setting has been added to the “Checker” tab, which allows you to limit the number of valid accounts checked by the checker from one IP address (proxy):

New checker setting to limit the number of checked accounts from one IP address

You can to not limit this number by setting the setting to 0.

Also implemented in MailBot 14.20:

  • mandatory SMS verification of the phone number in the Yandex creator, it is no longer possible to create accounts only with CAPTCHA
  • “Cookies in format …” setting on the “Export” tab is now also taken into account by the checker, it will save the current account cookies in the selected format if the account is valid
  • added a new command line option /LSApass aliased /LSA to automatically enable or disable the “Generate LSA password” checkbox on the “Accounts” tab on application startup
  • a new domain is available for registration in
  • form “Bitte erneut einloggen” (“Verify Login”) handling after successfully creating an account in creator
  • added Grizzly SMS service to the list of supported phone verification APIs
  • added to the list of domains supported by SMS-Activate API
  • a new field “Code receipt average time” has been added to the “Statistics” tab on the “SMS” panel, it displays the arithmetic average time of code receipt from SMS in seconds
  • “Save stats to file in CSV format” button has been added to the “Statistics” tab
  • passwords for accounts are now generated with a special character, this is a mandatory requirement
  • handling of unsupported phone number error in creator
  • and domains have been removed from the lists of domains available for registration
  • CAPTCHA and SMS services accounts in the respective lists can now be moved up/down by pressing Ctrl + or Ctrl + on the keyboard
  • MailBot application is adapted to HiDPI displays

Phone number countries list for VAK-SMS phone verification provider has been updated.


  • freeze of Outlook creator after successfully creating an account with phone verification
  • error {"name":"yid","error":"FIELD_EMPTY"} in Yahoo and creators
  • frequent error “Could not send SMS to phone number +…” in Yahoo and creators
  • ESMSWrongCodeError error that periodically occurred in Yahoo and creators
  • “disappearing” of accounts in case of CAPTCHA solution errors in checkers
  • ETokenNotFound error in creator (partially, protection bypass does not always work)
  • EFormURLNotFound error in creator
  • generation of account username when using the template %BIRTH_YEAR(2)%
  • handling situations of occupied username, incorrect CAPTCHA code and reaching the maximum number of aliases when creating aliases for accounts
  • API domain lists for ImageTyperz API and Anti Captcha API v1
  • “disable antispam” function in Outlook (Hotmail) creator and checker
  • non-sending of reports about incorrect CAPTCHA code
  • non-zeroing the number of received phone numbers in the SMS statistics before the start of the session
  • checker
  • “Access Violation” looping error that occurred immediately after launching MailBot on some computers

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