May 27

MailBot account creator updated to version 11.59.

Statusbar panel with accounts count now shows additional statistics in hint while program is running:

  • for account creator: number of created and partially created accounts:

    Statistics of created accounts in MailBot's statusbar hint

  • for account checker: number of valid, invalid, locked, unlocked and unchecked accounts:

    Statistics of checked accounts in MailBot's statusbar hint

In April 2020, abandoned its own registration of accounts in favor of Link now redirects to

In this regard, creator is no longer functioning. “” service on the “Provider” tab in MailBot is left for the possibility of using account checker.

Also implemented in MailBot 11.59:

  • CapMonster Cloud API was added to the list of CAPTCHA solving services APIs
  • and creators now create accounts with randomly generated Polish phone number which improved the percent of successful registrations
  • disabling antispam in checker

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for VAK-SMS Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, France and United Kingdom were added
  • for / Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Nigeria, Portugal, Pakistan and Croatia were added, Australia, Belarus, Haiti, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Germany, Egypt, Yemen, Côte d’Ivoire, Macao, Mali, Mexico, Moldova, Serbia and Chad were deleted


  • checker, now you need to solve one reCAPTCHA v3 to check an account
  •, and creators are moved to reCAPTCHA v3
  • ERROR_INCORRECT_SESSION_DATA error while creating accounts
  • POP3/IMAP/SMTP activation in Yahoo and creators
  • adding an alternative email to account in Yahoo / creators and checkers
  • disabling antispam in,, and creators and checkers
  • error of non-saving LSA password by Yahoo / checkers when “Enable alternative (recovery) email” setting is enabled on the “Accounts” tab
  • detection of accounts that require a forced password change after signin in and checkers
  • detection of locked accounts in checker
  • detection of invalid accounts in checker
  • work with reCAPTCHA v3 in Anti Captcha API v2
  • parsing negative balance of API key in Anti Captcha API v2
  • checker

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