Mar 24

MailBot account creator updated to version 11.37.

When the “Random country” setting is checked on the “SMS” tab, country list now contains checkboxes that allow you to specify specific countries from which a random one will be selected to get the phone number:

Multiple choice of countries to get a phone number

When you right-click on the “Phone numbers country” field, a context menu pops up with the items “Select all” and “Deselect all”, which allows you to select or deselect all countries in one action.

Also implemented in MailBot 11.37:

  • SMS-Activate API now supports phone provider
  • new setting “Send “already used number” reports” has been added on the “SMS” tab
  • unlocker for accounts locked until changing password
  • and creators now generate a random but existing postal code and city in Germany for each signup attempt
  • new command line option /onetdisablefirewall, when specified creator and checker will disable firewall on the account
  • uploading avatar in Yandex checker
  • MailBot runtime is now displayed in format “days:hours:minutes:seconds”

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Nepal, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Moldova, Italy, Paraguay, Honduras, Tunisia, Nicaragua, Timor-Leste, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Sudan and Togo were added
  • for USA was added
  • for Nicaragua was added


  • ESignupError error in Outlook creator
  • constant “wrong captcha code” error and EFormURLNotFound error in and creators
  • creator, including registration from Ukrainian IP addresses
  • determination of the need to solve reCAPTCHA in checker
  • ETokenNotFound error in checker
  • determination of accounts locked until changing the password
  • stopping threads from ERROR_PROXY_BANNED error when CapMonster works via Anti Captcha API v2
  • EUnexpectedResult error when validating username in and creators
  • detection of “Założenie konta na podstawie podanych danych jest niemożliwe.” error in and creators
  • false positive detection of POP3 / IMAP / SMTP activation success in Rambler creator
  • use of two full names from user’s dictionary to generate one email account when using a username template containing templates %FIRST_NAME% and / or %LAST_NAME%, when settings “Enable alternative (recovery) email” and “Use randomly generated temporary mailbox” are enabled

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