Nov 22

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.85.

According to numerous requests of customers implemented selection from the list of phone countries supported by selected SMS-activation service:

Phone number country selection for selected SMS-activation service

All SMS-services API supported by MailBot are listed in the list “SMS service API”. When you select an API in this list, MailBot automatically populates the list of domains that support this API. You can still enter your own domain that supports the selected API type. When you select a domain in the “API domain” list, the “Phone numbers country” list is automatically populated with the list of countries supported by selected SMS-service. If the “Random” checkbox is checked, MailBot will select a random country from the “Phone numbers country” list for each phone number request.

For more efficient operation of ReCaptcha2 SiteKey Addon for CapMonster 2 a new setting “Pass the proxy for reCAPTCHA” on “Captcha” tab is implemented:

New setting Pass the proxy for reCAPTCHA on Captcha tab

If this setting is enabled, the current thread proxy will be passed to the 2Captcha API for reCAPTCHA v2 solution.

Important! If this setting is enabled, the number of threads using the proxy service is increased twice, because, in addition to the MailBot itself, proxies also begin to be used by local browsers created by CapMonster for reCAPTCHA v2 solution. If you run MailBot in 100 threads, CapMonster will use proxies by another 100 threads, so proxies will eventually be used in 200 threads. This is important on some proxy services, for example, on AWM Proxy, where each tariff has a limit on the number of threads per account.

It is recommended to enable “Pass the proxy for reCAPTCHA” setting only for CapMonster, because when working with CAPTCHA-solving services reCAPTCHA v2 is solved by their employees, each from its own IP address.

Also implemented in version 7.85:

  • Yahoo checker now can activate SMTP/POP3/IMAP on already existing valid accounts
  • support of SMS-service by SMS-Activate API
  • full path to the file stores created accounts is output under the list of created accounts on “Creator” tab
  • disable antispam function in mobile creator
  • output of the current account in the message about the start of POP3/IMAP/SMTP activation


  • Outlook, Yahoo, and creators
  • POP3 activation in regular Yandex creator
  • avatar uploading in regular creator when “Disable antispam” setting is disabled
  • obtaining a balance of account in SMSPVA/SIMSMS API
  • rare error “Session expired. Refresh the page and fill out the form again” in creator

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