Dec 26

MailBot account creator updated to version 11.11.

Implemented API of Vietnamese SMS service /

MailBot works with / API

To date the service provides only Vietnamese phone numbers.

The price for 1 SMS for Outlook, Yahoo or AOL on December 26, 2019 is 1500 Vietnamese dongs, which is equivalent to $0.065.

Also implemented in MailBot 11.11:

  • disabling antispam in Outlook creator and checker
  • disabling antispam in checker
  •,, and checkers radically accelerated
  • accounts in which Yandex asks for a phone number during sign in are now determined by the Yandex checker as locked


  • failed POP3/SMTP activation error in Outlook creator and checker
  • EFormURLNotFound error in creator
  • detection of the wrong code from SMS in Yahoo / AOL creators
  • parsing the count of phone numbers and prices in the SMS-Activate API for
  • checker now correctly recognizes accounts with the “AbuseHardLock” lock type as locked
  • failure to save the setting “Pass the proxy for reCAPTCHA” on “CAPTCHA” tab

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