Oct 10

MailBot has been updated to version 15.47.


Microsoft’s landing page is skipped now in creator and checker when receiving sign up and sign in forms.

This gave the following bonuses:

  1. The speed of work has increased, because Microsoft server that served the landing page couldn’t handle the load on September 13 and often went down, which led to EIdReadTimeout errors.
  2. Internet traffic consumption has decreased, since the landing page is almost 150 KB in size.
  3. Eliminated EFormURLNotFound errors at the stage of receiving sign up and sign in forms.

Fixed the problem of receiving two identical codes in a row from verification emails when adding a recovery email to an account if Rambler mailboxes are used as recovery emails.


Verification of the recovery email when creating an account has been implemented:

Verified recovery email in Inbox.lv account

Attention! If the “Verify recovery email” checkbox on the “Recovery email” tab in MailBot is not checked, then accounts will only be created with an answer to the security question. And if checked, then both a recovery email and an answer to the secret question will be installed.

The account creator and checker have also been fixed.


The following domains have been added to the list of domains available for registration:


Attention! When creating mailboxes on domains like runbox.io, sending a letter to such an email is not immediately possible. The first 5-10 minutes after creating an account, mx.runbox.com will return the error 550 Unknown account XXX in domain runbox.io. Then the mail starts to be delivered normally.

Attention! To create a Runbox account, you must specify an existing recovery email.

The account creator has also been fixed.


The checker now can handle HTTP 429 Too Many Requests error.


The detection of valid accounts in checkers has been fixed.


Fixed EFormURLNotFound error when receiving a sign up form.

Also implemented in MailBot 15.47:

  • in the list of sources on the “Recovery email” tab, the last column now displays the number of non-empty lines in the specified file with recovery emails
  • added Google Chrome 117 fingerprints
  • automatically whitelisting an external IP address using AKE.net API v2
  • TIGER SMS service support for API SMS-Activate
  • displaying prices and count of the phone numbers for SMS-MAN and TIGER SMS phone verification providers on the “Numbers” subtab of the “Phone” tab


  • search by the time of sending of letters with a verification code when adding recovery emails
  • bug due to which the checker did not add the recovery email password to the list of valid accounts after successful recovery email verification
  • receiving recognized text for image CAPTCHAs in CapSolver, ImageTyperz and Bypass CAPTCHA APIs
  • passing proxies for hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA in CapSolver API

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