Feb 28

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.6.

Outlook account unlocker using phone verification was implemented according to numerous requests. To use it, you must check the box “Unlock accounts” on the “Checker” tab. Any phone number can be used to unlock an Outlook account requesting an phone verification upon login.

A new checkbox “Detect mobile network operator for Russian phone numbers” has appeared on the “API” subtab of the “SMS” tab. When it is checked, the name of the mobile operator will be displayed in parentheses after the phone number:

8:58:59 PM: Thread #1: sms-activate.ru: Phone number +79645605392 (Билайн) received

This name will also be saved along with the phone number to a file with ready accounts, if the “Phone number” checkbox on the “Export” tab is checked:

madorneyv6k@yandex.ru:Thyatqmc6:+79257644519 (МегаФон)

This functionality is implemented for diagnostics, when it is necessary to find out numbers of which operators are better suited for accounts creation on a particular email provider.

From February 20, 2019 Rambler allows to create new accounts only with phone verification. MailBot has been adapted to this change since version 10.3. Rambler allowed to use phone numbers of only 14 countries so far: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Germany, Moldova, Armenia, Israel, Azerbaijan, Estonia, USA, Uzbekistan, Netherlands and Georgia.

Also implemented in MailBot 10.6:

  • new command-line argument /dontsettimezone, that prevents Outlook accounts from setting time zone, allowing them to live longer
  • reCAPTCHA v2 solving while creating Mail.ru accounts with phone verification
  • cancel SMS activation when an ERegLimitReached error occurs after successfully receiving a phone number
  • “Phone numbers country” list on the “API” subtab of the “SMS” tab now displays country flags
  • display price per SMS on the “Numbers” subtab of the “SMS” tab for SMSPVA.com / SIMSMS.org and SMSaccs.com
  • message about the proxy ban by period now also displays the date

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for SMS-Activate.ru Iraq, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Belarus, Mexico, Taiwan, India, Colombia, Spain, Iran, Algeria, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Senegal and Turkey were added
  • for 5SIM.net Argentina, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Ghana, Iraq, Poland and USA were added
  • for SMSPVA.com / SIMSMS.org Argentina, Macao, New Zealand, Czechia were added and Egypt, Laos and Nigeria were removed
  • for SMSaccs.com Malaysia, South Africa and Cambodia were added


  • Mail.com and GMX.com creators again learned to determine if the country of an IP address is prohibited for accounts creation before reCAPTCHA solving
  • EFormURLNotFound error and parsing of signup form link in Yahoo creator
  • POP3 activation in the regular Yandex creator
  • Yandex checker
  • loading proxies from formats containing username / password with special characters, for more information see the updated proxy FAQ
  • EUsernameInvalidDomain error in case if the domain in the username dictionary contained capital letters

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