SMS-verification is now mandatory on all email providers?

No. Only Yahoo and AOL require mandatory phone verification for all of new accounts. The remaining providers have SMS-verification either optional, or absent.

What SMS-activation services does MailBot support?

There are several dozens of SMS-activation services on the market, almost everyone has their own API, but the overwhelming majority also support one or more compatible APIs:

In addition to these, the most popular APIs, MailBot also supports SIMSMS / SMSPVA, getsmscode.comSMSaccsSMSAcktiwatorVAK-SMS, and SMS.SKI APIs, which allows the program to work with almost any SMS-service presented on the market. If you are the owner or are using an SMS-activation service that does not support any of the above APIs, contact me and we will discuss the possibility of supporting your service in MailBot.

Which phone verification provider is better to use?

There is no “best” phone verification service, as the prices and availability of phone numbers for a particular email provider are constantly changing. The best phone verification service is the one that is currently has the cheapest and available phone numbers for the email provider you need. Therefore, before each mass account creation, it is necessary to examine the prices and availability of phone numbers on all popular phone activation services. MailBot helps in this matter with the presence of the “Numbers” subtab on the “SMS” tab, where you can see the availability of selected country phone numbers for all email providers supported by MailBot on the selected phone verification service.

Why do I get ESMSOutOfNumbersError error on SMS service even though the site shows that there are many more numbers available?

The official response of 5SIM support: “We have 64 simultaneous orders now, all channels are busy, we will expand the capacity, while ignore and try to order again”. This means that the 5SIM displays on the site the total number of SIM cards stored in the SIM bank, but only those SIMs that are physically inserted in the GSM gateways are actually available for order through the API, that is, much less.

How to set the API key for SMS-service

In the “API key” field you need to specify your account email and, via colon, your API token:

Why do I constantly get the error “Message|This project not add favorite,please login and go to project list favorite this project” when trying to get a number from

You need to add the selected email provider to your favorites list on To do this, click on the “Favorite” label in the table opposite the desired email provider:

List of available services on

I order Chinese numbers on, why is $0.15 charged for the phone number instead of the declared $0.05?! shows out-of-date prices in its customer panel. Here is the current price table as of May 10, 2019:

CountriesPrice of 1 SMS (declared on site)Price of 1 SMS (actually)
Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong$0.15$0.3-$2.0

Why Russian phone numbers do not receive SMS from Yahoo neither for 10 nor 20 minutes?

Yahoo sends SMS to the Russian phone numbers badly, especially Beeline, please use phone numbers of other countries.

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