Username template

A template for mailbox username generation allows to generate usernames in the most flexible way from a dictionary and/or random data, as well as take ready-made usernames from the specified file.

The template constructor for generating a mailbox username is located on the “Profile” tab:

Username template constructor interface

You can specify any combination of the following nine templates (they are inserted when you press the corresponding buttons under the template input field):

  • %FIRST_NAME% — random string from a first names dictionary, “First name” button
  • %LAST_NAME% — random string from a last names dictionary, “Last name” button
  • %BIRTH_YEAR% — random birth year generated for the current account, you can specify the template %BIRTH_YEAR(2)%, then the last 2 digits of the birth year will be inserted instead of this template, “Birth year” button
  • %RANDOM_CHARS(min,max)% — random number (from min to max) of random characters (letters or digits), the “Random chars” button
  • %RANDOM_NUM(min,max)% — random number (from min to max) of random digits, “Random num” button
  • %RANDOM_LETTERS(min,max)% — random number (from min to max) of random letters, “Random letters” button
  • %RANDOM_SEPARATOR% — random separator from the set of available for the selected service, “Separator” button
  • %FILE*C:\MailBot\Dic\usernames.txt*% — usernames will be taken in order from the text file C:\MailBot\Dic\usernames.txt, the file must contain a list of usernames one by one per line, “From file…” button

To use the default username generation algorithm (high uniqueness), just leave the username template field empty.

If generated username is longer than the maximum allowed on the current service, it will be trimmed to the left to the maximum possible number of characters.

You can test the username generator using the specified template by clicking on the “Test” button.

Examples of username templates:

  • %FIRST_NAME%.%LAST_NAME%%RANDOM_NUM(3,3)% — first name + period + last name + exactly 3 random digits, for example:
  • %RANDOM_LETTERS(2,3)%%LAST_NAME%%BIRTH_YEAR(2)% — from 2 to 3 random letters + last name + last 2 digits of the birth year, for example:
  • %RANDOM_CHARS(10,15)%_%BIRTH_YEAR% — from 10 to 15 random letters or digits + underscore + birth year, for example:

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