My Hardware ID has changed, the old serial number is not valid!

Please message me the non-working serial number, the new Hardware ID and the reason of its change, new serial number will be issued

Where can I find my current serial number or Hardware ID?

In the “License information & contacts” window, it is called by pressing the button with a question mark in the title bar of MailBot window Button for calling the window with information about the programor by pressing the F1 key on the keyboard:

Mailbot license information

Accounts of service X are no longer created. What should I do?

  1. Check this site, Twitter or Telegram channel for news or updates, explaining or eliminating the problem.
  2. Make sure that your web browser at this given time can create an account on XXX service. Periodically, services conduct maintenance work, especially at night.
  3. If everything works in a browser, please contact technical support.

Settings are not saved, I have to enter all over again!

Looks like you are running the program from the archive. Please unpack the archive into a separate folder on the disk. See also /noautosettings command line option.

Log often shows errors (“” is an example URL):
Thread #1: Error: EIdConnectTimeout: Server connection error: Connect timed out.
Thread #1: Error: EIdReadTimeout: Server connection error: Read timed out.

You have too low connection and/or read data timeout values. Please set both settings to 10,000 ms (default value, means 10 seconds) in the “Network” panel on the “Settings” tab in MailBot.

Where do “Unknown signup error with code 0” errors come from when creating Outlook accounts? Accounts are actually created, but MailBot does not save them!

Socket read timeout on the “Settings” tab is too small. Its minimum value is 4,000 ms, that is, 4 seconds, but this is not enough for Outlook registration, since creating an account on the server takes quite a long time, several seconds, and the server may not have time to respond within exactly 4 seconds. In this case, MailBot, in accordance with your setting, will consider the connection to be hung up and forget about it, and the account can actually be created, for example, in the 5th second. Do not set socket read timeout for Outlook less than 10 seconds (the default value).

I’m using Windows Server 2012 and I’m having this error when I run the program:


What should I do?

You must click the “Add…” button. The following dialog will appear:

Trusted sites dialog in Windows Server 2012

In this dialog you must click the “Add” button and the line “about:security_MailBot.exe” will be added to the “Websites” list. When you click the “Close” button, the program will continue to work.

What encoding should be used for the dictionaries of first names, last surnames, full names, cities?

In one of the Unicode encodings (UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32), always with BOM. All dictionaries supplied with the software are saved in these encodings.

I periodically see an error “EDecompressionError: ZLib Error (-5)” in the log window. How to fix it?

Turn off “Compress traffic” setting on the “Settings” tab.

Why do I always get an error EAbstractError?

Because you are trying to solve reCAPTCHA v2 on Anti Captcha (Antigate) by Antigate API v1, but this CAPTCHA provider supports reCAPTCHA v2 only in Antigate API v2. Please read CAPTCHA FAQ.

I see a lot of EFormURLNotFound and / or ETokenNotFound errors in log while creating Outlook accounts, although accounts are created.

Some Outlook servers always return compressed content, regardless of the Accept-Encoding header sent by the client. This can be fixed by turning on the “Compress traffic” setting on the “Settings” tab.

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  1. 1. oleg_kruasang:

    Ошибка: EDirectoryNotFoundException: btStartRegClick: The specified path was not found

    Как решить вопрос с ошибкой?

  2. 2. tavel:

    Проверьте пути к файлам на всех вкладках, где-то указан несуществующий путь к файлу.

  3. 3. chadalac1712:

    : Error: EFormURLNotFound: Form URL not found , How do I fix this?

  4. 4. tavel:

    Please send me full text log so I can see the context of the error. You can find all my contacts on this page:

  5. 5. chadalac1712:

    nvm it was for hotmail, the proxies worked one second and next i restarted and boom errors

  6. 6. BrianWilsonhg:

    Hello. Please tell me how I can set up automatic sending of accounts to my server. I want to know what the format of this URL is so that I know how to write an API to receive this account information.

  7. 7. tavel:

    Hello. You can find format description on

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