Does the checker check the existence of the username?

No, the checker checks the accounts for validity, i.e. for the possibility to sign in to the account with a given username and password via HTTP (i.e. via the Web). However, the account creator checks the username for existence before requesting the CAPTCHA, if possible.

What account formats does the checker support?

The checker checks the accounts only in the format in which they are generated by the account creator, namely login@domain:password (the checker supports a colon and a semicolon as a separator).

The checker shows all accounts as invalid!

Make sure you have selected is exactly the email provider that you are trying to check on the “Provider” tab.

Does the cheker solve a CAPTCHA, which some email providers require after several login attempts from the same IP address?

No, the checker does not solve the CAPTCHA, since the paid account checking does not make sense. When receiving a CAPTCHA, the checker just changes a proxy.

How to activate SMTP/POP3/IMAP on ready accounts, where these protocols are not activated?

If MailBot supports a separate activation of email protocols for the selected email provider, simply turn on the “POP3” and/or “SMTP” checkboxes on the “Email features” tab and start the checker, specifying the path to the desired list of accounts in the “List to check” field on the “Checker” tab. If CAPTCHA is required to activate email protocols, the checker will solve it.

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