What proxy list formats are supported by the program?

Beginning with version 8.32, MailBot supports specifying proxy details in URI format (RFC 3986):


That is, you can specify:

  • proxy protocol (optional part), you can specify: socks5, socks4, https, http, ssh
  • proxy username and password (optional part), separated by a colon
  • proxy address (mandatory part), consists of IP address and port number, separated by a colon

Thus, you can specify lists in the following formats:

  • IP:port
  • username:password@IP:port (ZennoBox format)
  • https://IP:port
  • socks5://username:password@IP:port
  • ssh://username:password@IP:port

Important! If the username or password contains special characters from the set !#$&'()*+,/:;=?@[] then, according to the URI format, they must be URL encoded.

What? Only IP? I have proxy in format! How do I use them?!

You need to resolve the domain to IP address manually. For example, in the Windows command line:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Thus, the final proxy address will be:

Does MailBot support IPv6 proxies?

No. MailBot supports only IPv4 and IPv4-IPv6 proxies.

Why is there no support for IPv6 proxies?

To date, IPv6 proxies have no advantages in terms of creating accounts, since IPv6 addresses are banned by entire subnets. In addition, only Yandex allows to sign up via IPv6 from email providers supported by MailBot.

I have a list of 10000 proxies with only several unique IP addresses with different ports. For example, a fragment of AWM Proxy‘s list:

Does the program properly handle such lists?

These are backconnect proxies. MailBot is able to create accounts with such lists, however, because these IPs are not real external IPs from which registration takes place, the proxy ban subsystem will not work correctly and it is recommended to disable it. In the future, it is planned to fully support the backconnect proxies.

How to disable the registration limit from one IP address, in order to the proxies will not get banned at all by this criterion?

You need to setup settings “Accounts per IP address” to 0 and “IP address ban time (hours:minutes)” to 0:0.

How to clear a list of erroneously banned proxies?

You need to delete \DB folder.

I use proxies from, why there is no connection to domains?

This is luminati‘s policy, they blocked access to some email providers. This is what their support answered on this issue: We don’t allow access to mobile domains (it’s blocked from our end) What is your use case for
However, domains, for example, are not blocked.

I have 30k proxies in my list, but accounts are created very slow. Why?

A large list does not mean that there is a lot or even a single working proxy in it. Typically, the larger the list, the fewer working proxies it has, especially if the list was not purchased. Therefore, MailBot spends most of the time on checking non-working proxies. In this case, it is better to pre-select the working proxies from the list using a professional proxy checker, which is available for clients in the “Download” section.

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  1. 1. 75536299:

    если прокси с разными паролями в каком виде список давать проге

  2. 2. tavel:

    Индивидуальные логины/пароли для каждого прокси не поддерживаются

  3. 3. tavel:

    Начиная с версии 8.32, MailBot начал поддерживать индивидуальные логины/пароли для каждого прокси. Поддерживаемые форматы списков прокси перечислены в вопросах и ответах выше.

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