Jul 09

MailBot account creator updated to version 10.57.

Support of alternative (two-step) signup form was implemented in Yahoo creator (right one):

Comparison of two variants of Yahoo signup form

In the right variant of form, the phone number is requested on the next step. Prior to version 10.57, on this form MailBot produced an error about the impossibility of sending an SMS to a phone number.

Support of alternative unlocking account form was implemented in Outlook unlocker:

Alternative unlocking Outlook account form

In the browser this form assumes a mandatory password change at one of the steps, but the Outlook unlocker in MailBot unlocks such accounts without changing the password.

New setting “Disable smart folders” has appeared on the “Accounts” tab, which allows you to disable sorting of letters from social networks, etc. in different folders:

New setting for disabling smart folders in the account

When this option is enabled, all letters will get to the “Inbox” folder only. It matters when emails from accounts are downloaded via IMAP.
So far the setting is implemented only for Mail.ru creators and checkers:

Setting for disabling smart message sorting in Mail.ru account

and Onet.pl:

Setting for disabling smart message sorting in Onet.pl account

New setting “Exclude i, I, l, L, 1, o, 0, O” has appeared on the “Profile” tab, which allows you to exclude similar-looking characters when generating a random password:

New setting for exclusion of similar-looking characters when generating a random password

Also implemented in MailBot 10.57:

  • processing form “Don’t get locked out!” in Yahoo checker
  • adding alternative (recovery) email to the account in Yahoo / AOL checkers
  • when browser is not supported Yahoo / AOL creators and checkers now produce intelligible error asking to remove this user agent from the dictionary
  • Yahoo / AOL creators and checkers now produce correct error EAltEmailProhibited if the domain of alternative email is banned by email provider
  • disabling antispam in Onet.pl creator
  • api.capmonster.cloud added to the list of supported domains for Anti Captcha API v2
  • internal temporary email service has got two new domains

Phone number country lists updated:

  • for SMS-Activate.ru Venezuela, Ethiopia and Mongolia were added
  • for 5SIM.net Algeria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Ethiopia, Latvia, Mexico, Mozambique, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Zambia were added, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chad, Colombia, France, India, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar and Uzbekistan were deleted
  • for OnlineSIM.ru Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Serbia, Moldova, Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Haiti, Gambia, Côte d’Ivoire, Yemen, Cameroon and Chad were added
  • for SMSPVA.com / SIMSMS.org Georgia, Moldova and Sweden were added


  • checker duplicated accounts in the file good_accounts.txt after errors during activation of additional services
  • counting the number of POP3 / IMAP / SMTP activation attempts on accounts (both for creators and checkers), was previously performed by 1 attempt more
  • account rotation by unlocker on ESMSUsedNumberError
  • processing new terms of service acceptance form in Yahoo / AOL checkers
  • browser fingerprints generation in Yahoo / AOL account creators and checkers
  • EFormURLNotFound error after sign in to some accounts in Yahoo creator and checker
  • used phone number detection in Yahoo creator
  • counting locked accounts when trying to unlock them again
  • enabling forwarding on accounts when POP3 / IMAP / SMTP activation is disabled in O2.pl and WP.pl creators
  • external IPv4 address detection on the “Settings” tab

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