Oct 09

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MailBot account creator updated to version 7.61.

Account creator of Polish email provider Onet.pl was implemented!

Active POP3, IMAP and SMTP on onet.pl domain is at your service. You need to recognize one reCaptcha v2 to create an account on Onet.pl.

The functionality of the checker is seriously extended, now it is able to activate POP3 on already existing valid Outlook and Yandex accounts. Outlook checker also learned to enable forwarding on valid Outlook accounts. To do this, before starting the checker, you need to check “Enable forwarding” checkbox on the “Accounts” tab and enter the mailbox to which all incoming mail from all accounts will be forwarded in the “Email to forward” field:

Forwarding settings in MailBot

Important! Enabling forwarding on an Outlook account requires to receive 1 additional SMS with verification code.

Also implemented in version 7.61:

  • automatic unlocker of NGS.ru accounts
  • Anti Captcha API v2 support for RIPCaptcha.com, they now also solve reCaptcha v2 at $2.58 per 1000 pcs, to use API v2 you need to choose/enter domain api.ripcaptcha.com in the “Domain” field on the “CAPTCHA” tab in MailBot
  • support of SMS-service smmmonster.com, to use it you need to choose/enter domain smmmonster.com in the “Domain” field of “Verify by SMS-AREA API” panel on “SMS” tab in MailBot
  • support of new Mail.ru service code in SMS-AREA API for GetSMS.online
  • output to the log message about successful sending of verification letter to alternative email


  • O2.pl creator (NoCaptcha was introduced)
  • registration limit detection in O2.pl creator when checking username for existence
  • Outlook creator now cancels current SMS-activation, if CAPTCHA was solved incorrectly
  • locked account detection in Yandex checker
  • error when sending SMS with verification code in NGS.ru creator

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