Mar 03

MailBot account creator updated to version 6.84.


  • activation of POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols in accounts, this requires recognition of an additional regular CAPTCHA:

    CAPTCHA for activation of POP3/IMAP/SMTP in accounts

    Thus, the cost of one account with active POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols now consists of the cost of recognizing one reCaptcha v2 and the cost of recognizing one regular CAPTCHA

  • full support of SMS-REG API for SMS-service, now it is the only SMS-service, which you can use by any API: SMS-AREA or SMS-REG:

    Work with by SMS-REG API

    You should select/enter (not domain to work with this SMS-service by SMS-REG API

  • automatic start of selected service account creator when MailBot is run with parameters “s” and “r”, it should look like this in the command line:

    MailBot.exe /s /r

    Thus when you call MailBot with these parameters “Start” button on the “Creator” tab will be automatically pressed after running the program

  • detection of most “invalid login format” errors in Yahoo creator


  • Outlook creator
  • SMS-verification of accounts and detection of used phone numbers in Yahoo creator
  • ETokenNotFound error for some IP addresses in regular creator
  • processing of German, Austrian and Swiss IP addresses by and creators (these IP addresses are prohibited from signup on all domains and domains)
  • detection of registrations limit for IP addresses of some countries in creator
  • parsing of unknown errors in creator
  • inoperative Capdone IP address removed from the list of default domains for Antigate API and added DeathByCaptcha domain

    Domain for Death By Captcha API

    You can still independently both add any domains and IP-addresses in this list and remove them (“Remove domain from list” item in context menu)

  • service moved from the tab “Service”->”EN” to the tab “Service”->”EU”, its creator is no longer supported, service is left in MailBot to use checker
  • “@” symbol removed from the list of allowed special characters for a password

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