Mar 03

MailBot account creator updated to version 6.84.


  • activation of POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols in accounts, this requires recognition of an additional regular CAPTCHA:

    CAPTCHA for activation of POP3/IMAP/SMTP in accounts

    Thus, the cost of one account with active POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols now consists of the cost of recognizing one reCaptcha v2 and the cost of recognizing one regular CAPTCHA

  • full support of SMS-REG API for SMS-service, now it is the only SMS-service, which you can use by any API: SMS-AREA or SMS-REG:

    Work with by SMS-REG API

    You should select/enter (not domain to work with this SMS-service by SMS-REG API

  • automatic start of selected service account creator when MailBot is run with parameters “s” and “r”, it should look like this in the command line:

    MailBot.exe /s /r

    Thus  Read more »

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Dec 22

MailBot account creator updated to version 6.66.


  • Outlook checker
  • checking username for existence in creator
  • POP3 activation for yandex․com domain in Yandex mobile creator
  • Antigate API default timeouts, in accordance with 2Captcha
  • specifying language of CAPTCHA text for 2Captcha in Antigate API v1
  • static password usage in and creators
  • “ESignupError: required” error in mobile creator

Important! mobile creator now works only from russian IP addresses.

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Nov 06

MailBot account creator updated to version 6.55.


  • periodic application errors during MailBot launch under 64-bit Windows 8.1/10/2012/2016
  • Yahoo account creator
  • Outlook account creator, SMTP is now automatically activated on Outlook accounts immediately after account creation
  • account creator
  • detection of successful signup in regular Yandex account creator
  • detection of signup limit in regular and mobile account creators
  • Yahoo and Outlook service codes for SMS-services and in SMS-REG API
  • “Not in list” service code for SMS-service GetSMS.ONLINE in SMS-AREA API
  • checker now saves output files during work every 10 seconds
  • recognition of reCaptcha v2 without proxy in Anti Captcha API v2
  • getting CAPTCHA-service statistics for Anti Captcha API v2
  • support of Yahoo accounts with two-factor authentication for Yahoo checker

There is new section with reviews from ruCaptcha software catalog in MailBot reviews list.

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Sep 16

MailBot обновился до версии 6.31.

anti-captcha logo

Реализована поддержка Anti Captcha API v2!

API v2 используется автоматически для домена, для всех остальных доменов используется API v1. API v2 поддерживает все функции API v1, за исключением получения статистики капча-сервиса (панель “Статистика сервиса” на вкладке “Капча”). API v2 реализовано, в основном, для распознавания reCaptcha v2 без эмуляции браузера, аналогично сервису от ruCaptcha, однако на сегодняшний день этот функционал в Anti Captcha API v2 фактически неработоспособен по следующим причинам:

  • в отличие от ruCaptcha работа без прокси не поддерживается, в Anti Captcha API v2 передавать рабочий прокси обязательно
  • SOCKS 4/5 прокси не поддерживаются
  • прокси с привязкой по IP не поддерживаются
  • локальные прокси не поддерживаются

Итого получить распознавание reCaptcha v2 без эмуляции браузера от Anti Captcha v2 сегодня можно только если вы работаете через нелокальные HTTP-прокси без привязки по IP.

Анлокер Рамблера получил несколько важных обновлений: Read more »

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Dec 10

Mail account creator updated to version 5.23.

On the “Service” tab added two checkboxes: “Activate POP3″ and “Activate SMTP”:


Checkboxes indicate the ability to activate a corresponding protocol, as well as provide an opportunity to enable / disable the activation protocol,  for some services (now Rambler and it entails the recognition of additional CAPTCHA.

Locked and enabled checkbox indicates that the appropriate mail protocol is always activated automatically when you create an account.

Locked and disabled check box indicates that the appropriate protocol is not available on the selected mail service.

When switching mail services in the “Service” tab checkboxes are automatically set according to the availability of e-mail protocols selected service.

Also in version 5.23:

  • provides full compatibility  account creator Rambler  with CapMonster 2, the second CAPTCHA to activate SMTP is now also recognized automatically
  • fixed account creator
  • added output of the current time in all log messages

When upgrading to 5.23 will also need to update the files *.lng in the folder Lang.

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