Apr 21

MailBot has been updated to version 14.95.

Due to numerous customers requests, an automatic change of account passwords (passchanger) was implemented in the checker in the form of a new checkbox “Change account passwords” on the “Checker” tab:

New checker setting for changing passwords on accounts

If it is enabled and checked, then for all valid accounts the checker will change the current password to a random new one that it will generate itself.
After a successful password change, the account will be saved to the output file for valid accounts with a new password.

Attention! The account will remain with the old password in the source file with the list of accounts, the checker does not change this file.

Attention! So far, password change has only been implemented for Yahoo and AOL.com accounts. In the next updates there will be other email providers.

It is also implemented to send each successfully created account to the user’s server:

New setting to export created accounts to a custom URL

The new setting is on the “Export” tab. If it is checked MailBot will make HTTP POST request to the specified URL with the parameters “account” and “cookies” (if their export is enabled) encoded in Base64.

An example of a PHP script that should be placed at the specified URL. The script is simplified as much as possible and saves data simply to a text files, you can modify it yourself to save data to a database or any other place convenient for you.

Also implemented in MailBot 14.95:

  • handling the form “Your data will be processed outside of your country or region”, which is issued when creating Outlook accounts from Chinese IP addresses:

    A warning form about the processing of personal data outside the user's country

  • handling errors NO_YULA_MAIL and MAILGROUP_NOT_AVAILABLE for SMS-Activate and SMSHUB respectively, they now sell Mail.ru only in bulk, from 1000 numbers per month
  • Outlook unlocker after 5 ESMSUsedNumberError errors now bans the current proxy and also changes the account to the next one
  • reCAPTCHA v2 solution is implemented in Onet.pl checker when logging into an account, if a new command line option /onetcheckerdontsolvecaptcha was not passed to MailBot.exe
  • handling the form “Contractual Terms and Conditions” when logging into a Seznam account:

    Form for accepting the new terms of service for Seznam.cz accounts

  • passing an additional parameter subType=MICROSOFT to AnyCaptcha API for Outlook image CAPTCHA
  • in Anti Captcha API v2 it is now possible to pass a proxy with a domain in the address
  • Hong Kong has been added to the list of countries for 5SIM, and Thailand for VAK-SMS
  • the project has been migrated to Tor

Several critical bugs have also been fixed in version 14.95:

  • Out of memory error when using the GeoIP provider MaxMind, as well as the error Could not find IP2Location DB file "..." when using the GeoIP provider IP2Location
  • creating Outlook mailboxes after successfully creating a Microsoft account using a phone number
  • handling the form “Stay signed in?” in Outlook creator and checker, which led to various errors, for example, after successfully creating an account
  • Could not verificate +... on account ... error in Yahoo creator, which was issued after successful account creation


  • erroneous detection of Outlook accounts marked for deletion with a recovery offer as working
  • displaying timeout values on the SMS service account editing form
  • ETimeZoneInvalid: Could not find any data for timezone "EUROPE/KYIV" error
  • error in the activation cancellation process in 5SIM API
  • Inbox.lv creator no longer generates false positive account creations
  • Inbox.lv account checker, now only hCaptcha is used instead of the previous assorted CAPTCHAs
  • detection of valid accounts in Seznam checker
  • EAbstractError error in Seznam checker when trying to activate POP3

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2 Comments on "MailBot 14.95. Password changer, export accounts via link and big bugfix"

  1. 1. 610814903:

    А ошибку активации IMAP в яндексе не пофиксили. Ну и рамблер жаль перестали поддерживать, эх.

  2. 2. tavel:

    IMAP в Яндексе активируется, я проверил. Не работала генерация паролей приложений, это исправлено в MailBot 14.98, благодарю за багрепорт.
    А Рамблер на запросах на текущий момент – это, к сожалению, нереалистичная задача.

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