Jan 02

MailBot has been updated to version 14.62.

A new “Proxy judge” list has been added to the “Network” panel on the “Settings” tab, allowing the user to independently select a proxy judge for recognizing an external IPv4 address:

New proxy judge selection setting in MailBot

Attention! A new file \GeoIP\GeoIP2-City.mmdb has been added to the MailBot distribution, it is now used instead of the GeoLite2-Country.mmdb file.

MaxMind GeoIP provider module now supports a database with city-level granularity.

Also implemented in MailBot 14.62:

  • checking for a match of the countries of the IP address and phone number in Yahoo creator
  • time zone generation according to external IP address for Yahoo/AOL.com (only for MaxMind GeoIP for now)
  • SMS activation service pva24.com API support
  • CAPTCHA solving service CAPTCHAs.IO API support
  • mail processing rules in Outlook are now created with the “Stop processing more rules” checkbox disabled, so that antispam disabling and forwarding can work at the same time
  • answering the security question when logging into an account in Yandex unlocker
  • handling the absence of an answer to a secret question in the account data when changing the password on a locked Yandex account
  • error handling in Ukrainian in I.ua creator
  • improved error detail in the log for CapSolver API
  • output a warning if user has specified MailBot to take usernames from a file, but there are fewer lines in it than the number specified in the setting “How many accounts to create?”


  • POP3 activation in Outlook creator always happened only on the second attempt
  • LSA password generation in Yahoo/AOL.com creators and checkers
  • filling in the account profile by Yandex creator
  • uploading an avatar in Yandex creator and checker
  • Inbox.lv creator: replacing the test hCaptcha with a regular one, setting the answer to the secret question and processing Russian error messages when validating the username
  • ECountryOfIPAndPhoneMustMatch error in Yahoo checker
  • EFormURLNotFound error in Yahoo checker that occurred from some IP addresses (for example, Ukrainian ones)
  • unlocking Yandex accounts by changing the password and binding the phone
  • Yandex unlocker no longer tries to enter the secret question answer when changing a password for accounts that are locked by SMS verification request
  • WRONG_ACTIVATION_ID error that occurred after successful unlocking of Yandex accounts locked by a security question answer request
  • sending reports about incorrect CAPTCHA code in Anti Captcha API v2
  • enabled an ability to send reports about incorrect CAPTCHA codes for CapMonster.cloud
  • EConvertError error when sending report about correct CAPTCHA code in 2Captcha WebSocket API
  • username validation in Onet.pl creator
  • SMS activation service Activation.pw domain changed to tempnum.org
  • ETokenNotFound error in I.ua creator

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