Aug 15

In recent months, due to the intensive development of MailBot functionality, notifications about updates were published only in Telegram and Twitter. It’s time to fix this, later more articles will be published with a detailed description of the added functionality between versions 8.26 and 9.21.

So, MailBot account creator updated to version 9.25.

Subtab “Numbers” on “SMS” tab now shows not only the count of available phone numbers for the selected country on the current phone verification service, but also the price per SMS in the service currency:

Count of available phone numbers and prices on

Price display is now supported by:

If the price is zero, then either the API of the selected phone verification service does not support price display, or the selected email provider is not supported as a separate service and you need to look at the “Others” column.

Also implemented in MailBot 9.25:

  • support of resending SMS to the same phone number in SMS-Acktiwator API and for
  • SMSPVA/SIMSMS API now supports phone numbers of Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Netherlands, Paraguay and Poland
  • SMS-Acktiwator API now supports country selection when requesting statistics of available phone numbers
  • VAK-sms API updated to the new version (all API keys were forcibly updated, do not forget to copy the new API key from your control panel to MailBot), now it supports country selection: Russia, Ukraine and China


  • parsing of account balance in SMSaccs API
  • Russia is back to the list of countries for

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