Jan 25

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MailBot account creator updated to version 8.17.

Account creator and checker of AOL.com, one of the most popular email provider, was implemented!

Active POP3, IMAP and SMTP on aol.com domain is at your service. You need to receive one SMS (prices are from $0.02 on 5sim.net) and recognize one simple AOL CAPTCHA (well recognized by CapMonster 2) to create an account on AOL.com.

Important! AOL is very picky about phone numbers and does not allow all countries to signup and even not all phone numbers from the allowed country. Below is the current statistics on successful/unsuccessful signups from countries now available on SMS-verification services (updated January 31, 2018):

Allowed countries:  USA, China, United Kingdom, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
Prohibited countries: Russian Federation, Indonesia, Philippines.
Unable to test due to lack of numbers: Spain, Denmark.

AOL asks an answer to a security question every time you enter into the “Account Info” section by the Web, therefore it is recommended to check “Secret question answer” checkbox from the “Save additional data” panel on the “Export” tab.

As always, the update is completely free for users of the full version of MailBot. The rest customers, as always, can buy AOL.com account creator and checker with 50% discount (you can calculate your price including discount here).

Also implemented in version 8.17:

  • new sub-tab “AWM Proxy” with fields to enter API key and domain API and display all available information about an account on the proxy service AWM Proxy:

Obtaining information about the AWM Proxy account by API key

  • message with the number of unique accounts loaded by the checker when you select a file with a list of accounts to check
  • Yandex checker now can solve CAPTCHA, required to sign in to some valid or locked accounts


  • ETokenNotFound error in the regular Yandex creator
  • Outlook creator
  • ETokenNotFound error in Onet.pl creator
  • detection of successfully created account and parsing of a real IP address in Yahoo creator
  • disabling antispam in Mail.com creator
  • error in domain index search, which led to the creation of the account on the domain different from chosen in the Mail.com creator
  • detection the error of insufficient funds on the balance in SIMSMS/SMSPVA API
  • list of countries in SIMSMS/SMSPVA API (Malaysia replaced with Latvia, all new countries from SIMSMS have been added to SMSPVA)
  • CAPTCHA statistics are now also displayed when the checker/unlocker is running
  • QIP.ru checker, however now you need to solve reCAPTCHA v2 to check each account

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