Aug 28

MailBot account creator updated to version 9.27.

Accounts additional data export format selection is implemented (“Export” tab):

Accounts export format selection

Supported formats:

With any selected format, at least the email and password are always saved via the selected delimiter.

MailBot format allows to save all account additional data fields, supported by selected email provider, except for the SMTP server address. Account format example:

SMTP account import window in MailerKing looks like this:

SMTP account import in MailerKing

And this is the original description of the import format:

Description of the SMTP accounts import format in MailerKing

Examples of accounts exported from MailBot in the MailerKing SMTP format:”Артём Комиссаров” :ssl::::0:

I remind everyone that the latest cracked version of MailerKing is available for purchase to all MailBot customers.

AMS Enterprise and Atomic Mail Sender import SMTP accounts in the same format:


This is how the SMTP accounts import window in Atomic Mail Sender looks:

SMTP accounts import in Atomic Mail Sender

Previously, MailBot exported accounts in this format if the “SMTP server” checkbox was checked. Now the choice of export format is made more explicit.

Also in MailBot 9.27 fixed:

  • phone verification of accounts in Outlook creator
  • service code for API

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