Какие виды автоматизации поддерживает программа?

MailBot поддерживает несколько параметров командной строки для автоматизации работы приложения. MailBot не имеет HTTP API и не работает как веб-сервер, поэтому им нельзя управлять по HTTP-протоколу.

Какие параметры командной строки поддерживает MailBot?

Argument nameAliasAllowed valuesDescriptionCommand line example
Starts creator or checker automatically and immediately after program runs.C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /start:creator
/closeonstop/clCloses software automatically after process stops.C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /cl
/addcontact/adusername@domain.tldAdds specified email to contact list of created accounts.C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /
/altyandexcreatorlogic/altRegular Yandex creator will not check after signup if accounts that were not verified by SMS are blocked for sending/receiving mail or notC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /altyandexcreatorlogic
/altyandexcheckerlogic/altyYandex checker will not consider account as locked if phone number confirmation has been requested for itC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /alty
Checks or unchecks "POP3" setting on "Accounts" tab during application startC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /POP3:off
Checks or unchecks "SMTP" setting on "Accounts" tab during application startC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /SMTP:off
/logspath/log"<path>"Changes default path to logs folderC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /logspath:"C:\Windows\Temp\MailBot"
/noautosettings/noauSettings will not be set automatically when switching providersC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /noau
/dontsettimezone/dontOutlook creator will not setup time zone for account after its creationC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /dontsettimezone
/dontsolveoathsmsrecaptcha/dontsoYahoo and AOL creators will not solve reCAPTCHA issued when sending the SMS. With passing this option an error "Phone number is already used" will be generated when receiving reCAPTCHA.C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /dontsolveoathsmsrecaptcha
/onetdisablefirewall/ creator and checker will disable firewall in the account settingsC:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /onetdisablefirewall
/nofuncaptcha/nofunOutlook creator will raise ESignupError instead of trying to solve Arkose Labs CAPTCHA (funcaptcha)C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /nofuncaptcha
/virtualusaforsmsactivate/virtMailBot will ask SMS-Activate API for virtual phone numbers for the United States (country code 12) instead of real USA numbers (country code 187)C:\MailBot>MailBot.exe /virtualusaforsmsactivate

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