Feb 08

MailBot account creator updated to version 8.26.

“Checker” tab now has the new field to specify the path to the list of unchecked accounts:

New setting to specify the path to unchecked accounts list

The checker will save accounts that it could not check (unknown account type, unknown HTTP(S)-proxy error, etc.) in this list. Do not hesitate to send such accounts to the developer and the cheker will be trained to recognize them correctly. Controls on the “Checker” tab are now located in the same way as on the “Creator” tab.

Message with the result of checker work became more informative, it now displays which file was checked, how many accounts were in file, how many accounts were checked, how many valid, invalid, locked, unchecked, and how much time was spent on checking:

New checker results window

Also implemented in version 8.26:

  • SMS-verification of Rambler.ru accounts
  • AOL service code is added to getsmscode.com and SMS-Acktiwator APIs
  • a counter of unknown sign up/sign in errors was added to the “Statistics” tab, counter displays error statistics of type ESignupError/ECheckerError:

    New counter of unknown sign up/sign in errors


  • Rambler.ru creator (“antibot check failed” error)
  • detection of the absence of available phone numbers for the selected country in getsmscode.com API
  • detection of invalid accounts in Bigmir.net checker

New “SMS” section has been added to FAQ with answers to frequently asked questions about SMS-verification of accounts.

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