Jan 25

AOL logo

MailBot account creator updated to version 8.17.

Account creator and checker of AOL.com, one of the most popular email provider, was implemented!

Active POP3, IMAP and SMTP on aol.com domain is at your service. You need to receive one SMS (prices are from $0.02 on 5sim.net) and recognize one simple AOL CAPTCHA (well recognized by CapMonster 2) to create an account on AOL.com.

Important! AOL is very picky about phone numbers and does not allow all countries to signup and even not all phone numbers from the allowed country. Below is the current statistics on successful/unsuccessful signups from countries now available on SMS-verification services (updated January 31, 2018):

Allowed countries:  USA, China, United Kingdom, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.
Prohibited countries: Russian Federation, Indonesia, Philippines.
Unable to test due to lack of numbers: Spain, Denmark.

AOL asks an answer to a security question every time you enter into the “Account Info” section by the Web, therefore it is recommended to check ”Secret question answer” checkbox from the “Save additional data” panel on the “Export” tab.

As always, the update is completely free for Read more »

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Dec 18

MailBot account creator updated to version 8.5.

SMS-verification service getsmscode.com API is implemented. To use it you need to enter your email on getsmscode.com and your API token, separated by colon, in the “API key” field on the “SMS” tab in MailBot, like this:


Price table as of January 31, 2018:

CountriesPrice of 1 SMS (declared on site)Price of 1 SMS (actually)
Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Egypt, Australia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong$0.15$0.3-$2.0

Also implemented in version 8.5:

  • displaying the count of free phone numbers and phone country selection support in SMS-Acktiwator API, now it supports Russian Federation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan
  • «Pass the proxy for reCAPTCHA» setting support for Read more »

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Nov 22

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.85.

According to numerous requests of customers implemented selection from the list of phone countries supported by selected SMS-activation service:

Phone number country selection for selected SMS-activation service

All SMS-services API supported by MailBot are listed in the list “SMS service API”. When you select an API in this list, MailBot automatically populates the list of domains that support this API. You can still enter your own domain that supports the selected API type. When you select a domain in the “API domain” list, the “Phone numbers country” list is automatically populated with the list of countries supported by selected SMS-service. If the “Random” checkbox is checked, MailBot will select a random country from the “Phone numbers country” list for each phone number request.

For more efficient operation of ReCaptcha2 SiteKey Addon for CapMonster 2 a new setting  Read more »

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Aug 07

MailBot обновился до версии 6.9:

  • исправлены оба авторегера Яндекса
  • снова начала работать автоматическая разблокировка аккаунтов Рамблера!
  • проведена интеграция с нашими партнерами – прокси-сервисом RSocks.net, у кого не добавилась ссылка на список прокси – добавьте вручную ссылку http://rsocks.net/proxy/my_proxy.txt
  • чекеры некоторых сервисов определяли все аккаунты как невалид – исправлено
  • в API SIMSMS.org (SMSPVA.com) была ошибка с их стороны – исправлена 06.08.2016 после обращения в саппорт, теперь API снова нормально работает
  • исправлена активация Мой мир в обычном регере Mail.ru
  • реализована обработка кода статуса HTTP 403 при проверке логина в регере Mail.ru через мобильное приложение
  • теперь, если запрос завершения операции в API SMS-REG вернул ошибку, – созданный и верифицированный по SMS аккаунт все равно сохраняется
  • исправлено сохранение чекером неверной строки аккаунта, если в исходном файле имя пользователя содержалось и в логине почты и в дополнительных данных

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Jun 17

MailBot account creator updated to version 5.84.

Yahoo creator restored! SMS-verification of Yahoo accounts was implemented.

Rules of the new Yahoo mail (these are the limitations of Yahoo itself, not MailBot):

  • accounts are created now only after SMS-verification
  • only 1 domain is available for signup: yahoo.com, all national domains (yahoo.co.uk, yahoo.ca etc.) are no longer available for registration
  • POP3/SMTP are enabled in Yahoo account settings now, so to activate them in MailBot you must enable “POP3″/”SMTP” checkboxes on “Accounts” tab

Therefore,  Read more »

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