Feb 17


MailBot account creator updated to version 12.59.

Implemented full support of native Death By Captcha API, old and well-known CAPTCHA solving service.

This was done due to the fact that Death By Captcha does not support new CAPTCHA types (reCAPTCHA, FunCAPTCHA, hCaptcha) in its 2Captcha / ruCaptcha and Anti Captcha API emulations.

You can work with this API via username and password of your Death By Captcha account or via an API key (Authentication Token). In the first case, you need to enter your username and password in the “API key” field of the “CAPTCHA Service Account” form in MailBot in the following form:


In the second case, you must first enable two-factor authentication (TOTP) for your Death By Captcha account, then at the bottom of the same page you will be able to generate an Authentication Token (API key).

Prices for different CAPTCHA types:

CAPTCHA typeRate (cost per each 1,000 captchas solved)
Text or math$1.39
reCAPTCHA v2$2.89
reCAPTCHA v3$2.89
FunCAPTCHA (Arkose Labs CAPTCHA)$3.99


  • supports solution of reCAPTCHA (v2 and v3), FunCAPTCHA and hCaptcha
  • very quickly (less than 5 seconds) recognizes regular images


  • high prices
  • minimum deposit is $100
  • not a very stable API, often returns a question mark instead of an answer for reCAPTCHA, FunCAPTCHA, and hCaptcha
  • supports sending only HTTP proxies for reCAPTCHA, FunCAPTCHA and hCaptcha solution, there is also no way to bind the service’s IP address to access the proxy
  • does not support Cyrillic CAPTCHAs
  • it is impossible to work with the API via an API key without enabling two-factor authentication for the entire Death By Captcha account

Yahoo and AOL.com replaced reCAPTCHA with FunCAPTCHA when checking suspicious phone numbers before sending an SMS:

FunCAPTCHA when creating a Yahoo account

Now, when creating Yahoo / AOL.com account, you need to use CAPTCHA solving service that supports FunCAPTCHA solution.

For example, phone numbers of Laos are considered suspicious by these email providers. At the same time, for example, UK phone numbers are considered trusted, so you don’t need to solve the CAPTCHA before sending an SMS.

Also implemented in MailBot 12.59:

  • saving and loading to / from the MailBot.ini settings file the CAPTCHA service account selected on “CAPTCHA” tab
  • the list of available countries in 5SIM.net API has been synchronized
  • UK has been added to the list of available countries for SMS-ONLINE.PRO API
  • on “Creator” tab, when you click on the path to a file with fully created accounts, this file now opened for editing in the system editor for text files
  • extended context menu of created accounts list on “Creator” tab, now you can select following items in “Copy selected account” submenu:
    • all account data
    • email only
    • username only
    • password only


  • NGS.ru creator, this email provider now requires special characters in a password
  • EAccessViolation error that occurred when running some checkers
  • CAPTCHA solving service cptch.net now supports reCAPTCHA v2 and v3 solution, according to the test results its domain was transferred from Anti Captcha API v1 to 2Captcha / ruCaptcha API.

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