Dec 10

Mail account creator updated to version 5.23.

On the “Service” tab added two checkboxes: “Activate POP3″ and “Activate SMTP”:


Checkboxes indicate the ability to activate a corresponding protocol, as well as provide an opportunity to enable / disable the activation protocol,  for some services (now Rambler and it entails the recognition of additional CAPTCHA.

Locked and enabled checkbox indicates that the appropriate mail protocol is always activated automatically when you create an account.

Locked and disabled check box indicates that the appropriate protocol is not available on the selected mail service.

When switching mail services in the “Service” tab checkboxes are automatically set according to the availability of e-mail protocols selected service.

Also in version 5.23:

  • provides full compatibility  account creator Rambler  with CapMonster 2, the second CAPTCHA to activate SMTP is now also recognized automatically
  • fixed account creator
  • added output of the current time in all log messages

When upgrading to 5.23 will also need to update the files *.lng in the folder Lang.

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