Jul 13

Mail account creator has been updated to version 2.58:

  • fixed yandex account creator
  • fixed km.ru account checker
  • fixed hotmail captcha limits

Narod.ru ftp activation restored! Fully register free hosting, don’t forget about discounts on .ru-services.

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Jun 22

Not everyone knows that when you create a mailbox username@yandex.com also automatically created:

  • username@yandex.ru
  • username@ya.ru
  • username@yandex.ua
  • username@yandex.by
  • username@yandex.kz
  • username@narod.ru
  • username@yandex.com.tr

These addresses are aliases for username@yandex.com and can be used simultaneously. The list of mailboxes is available within your Yandex account at this link.

Mailboxes user-name@yandex.ru and user.name@yandex.ru are also considered the same.

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