Aug 24

Mail account creator has been updated to version 2.63:

  • added account checker
  • fixed hotmail, and account creators
  • fixed error ”Could not load SSL library”

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Aug 05

Those who discover threads hang-up when registering through anti-captcha (, change the domain to on the “Captcha” page.

The official answer from anti-captcha Support team:

From: Tech Support
Date: 2010-08-04 22:20:13 (18 hours, 25 minutes ago)
You read: yes
Try to temporarily use a domain instead – there are some problems with anti-ddos protection, temporary

Or temporarily switch to Captchabot.

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Jul 13

Mail account creator has been updated to version 2.58:

  • fixed yandex account creator
  • fixed account checker
  • fixed hotmail captcha limits ftp activation restored! Fully register free hosting, don’t forget about discounts on .ru-services.

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Jul 07

Declared summer 50% discount on all russian (.ru) services, as well as a discount on the full version – to $267. That is a lifetime license to any russian service you can buy for just $49, and to purchase any russian service to existing – just $25. Discounts are valid until the end of July.

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May 02

Mail account creator has been updated to version 2.53:

  • fixed, and account creators
  • rambler account creator and account checker now support additional rambler domains
  • fixed error handling in yahoo account creator

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