Dec 14

That’s all, on December 9, 2018 ceased to exist as an independent email provider and was acquired by Yandex:

At the moment, all your mail moves to Yandex servers and will work on the Yandex email provider. As a result, 250 servers were released, which we will be happy to sell to anyone.

Announcement also has a link to a very interesting file with a list of all servers.

In MailBot, starting from version 9.81, has been removed from the list of available email providers.

It all started on September 25, 2018 from this article on Habr. Since then maintenance stub has been posted on maintenance

If you sign in with account on Yandex.Mail you will get this form:

Signup completion form on Yandex.Mail for accounts

After signup is complete, the account can be fully used through Yandex.Mail, including mail servers, and

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