Jul 04

MailBot account creator updated to version 7.25.

imagetyperz logo

Implemented API support of Imagetyperz and BypassCaptcha CAPTCHA-services.

CAPTCHA-service Imagetyperz is interesting because it allows to recognize reCaptcha v2 without browser emulation, similarly to the functionality of 2Captcha and Anti Captcha API v2. Recognition of 1000 of reCaptcha v2 costs $2.50. To use Imagetyperz API you need to choose/enter domain captchatypers.com in the “Domain” field on “CAPTCHA” tab in MailBot.

Bypasscaptcha is another decaptcha service, one of the oldest on worldwide market. To use its API you need to choose/enter domain bypasscaptcha.com in the “Domain” field on “CAPTCHA” tab in MailBot.

According to the numerous requests of customers
MailBot now has an ability to choose used domains separately when the setting “Random domain” is enabled:

Separate domain selection for the Random domain setting

This allows you, for example, to create a mix of Mail.ru accounts without Mail.ua domain or create a mix of QIP.ru accounts only in .com and .net zones:

Creation of a mix of accounts only in .com and .net zones by QIP.ru account creator

Also Yahoo checker was fixed in MailBot 7.25.

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