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Mail account creator updated to version 5.19.

Implemented account creator and checker by ukrainian mail service

Account creator able to generate and validate an alternative mailbox, activate accounts with additional CAPTCHA, and also activate POP3 and SMTP on the accounts. divides the IP-address to the “trusted” and “untrusted”. With the “untrusted” IP-address is required to be indicated and the confirmation of an alternative mailbox, as well as input additional CAPTCHA after following a link from a letter. For a “trusted” IP-addresses to specify and confirm the alternate email address will not need to. Account creator automatically determines the appropriate action for any IP-address.

To activate the POP3 and SMTP protocols for all IP-addresses needed recognition of another CAPTCHA (reCAPTCHA). Thus, for a “trusted” IP-address of the full register and activate the account will require 2  CAPTCHAs, and for the “untrusted” – 3  CAPTCHAs.

Owners of the full version can just update their build from the blog, the other customers can buy account creator and checker for $49.

Also in version 5.19:

  • restored general account creator Yandex
  • checker learned to recognize a request captcha when attempting to log into your account, and an error of exceeding the limit checks instead of determining how the invalid account
  • the possibility of forwarding is disabled in account creator Rambler

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