Oct 30

MailBot account creator updated to version 9.57.


  • unlocker of Meta.ua accounts which require solving reCAPTCHA v2 on sign in:

    reCAPTCHA v2 request when logging into Meta.ua account

  • Mail.ru checker is now able to process alternate email request form when logging into account:

    Alternate email request when logging into Mail.ru account


  • getting CAPTCHA in Outlook creator
  • account creation with regular Mail.ru creator without phone verification
  • disabling antispam in regular Mail.ru creator
  • error EStringListError when deleting an account from partially created list
  • duplicates in files with fully and partially created accounts
  • Meta.ua checker
  • detection of valid accounts in Seznam.cz checker
  • signups number limit from a single IP address in Web.de creator
  • operation of “/SMTP:off” command line parameter
  • access violation error while stopping threads
  • stop threads condition when working without proxies
  • double loading of the accounts list with disabled “Generate unique result filenames for each session” setting
  • operation of “How many accounts to create?” setting with disabled “Generate unique result filenames for each session” setting
  • Egypt, Ireland, Cambodia, Laos, Haiti, Côte d’Ivoire and Gambia were added to the country list of phone numbers for SMS-Activate.ru

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